Kittie Jones

Winner of the William J Macaulay / Scottish Gallery Award.


"Gannets over the Atlantic is a large, mixed media drawing made after a four-day sailing trip to St Kilda in 2019. I made quick, loose sketches from the boat and these became starting points back in the studio to develop into expanded pieces that captured my memory of the experience. Sailing on the sea is a lesson in space – for many hours at a time there is just water and sky visible, as Rebecca Solnit says 'the world is blue at its edges and in its depths.' There is constant movement from the waves, passing birds present in the air and if you’re lucky you might see something emerge from the water. This piece was created intuitively, layers of blue built up in ink, gesso, pigment, pastel, gouache and graphite, whilst flying gannets appeared and disappeared until the balance was right. I wanted to keep the openness of the original sketch, the sense of movement and excitement I felt as we sailed past the stacks of Boreray, whilst also capturing the immensity of blue all around us."