Invited Artists

This year’s Convenor Graeme Todd RSA invited a small group of artists to show together, alongside his own work, to complement the main body of the exhibition.


Todd : ‘I asked Richard Walker, Maria Chevska, Angus Hood, Liz Adamson and Steven Cox to show alongside one another to present work that answers to a common call – an invitation to “an idea of indoor space, a room, sharing ideas around presence, occupancy, the intimate, the hand-made, the provisional, the everyday”  that came as a tacit response to the scale of the galleries to form a gradient between the cavernous and a more intimate kind of space – perhaps just like the one you are sitting in now as you read this text - one where dialogues between artworks can be detected as conversations formed within a more intimate context - sometimes we must whisper to one another. Keep it between us… beauty, breadth and brilliance; amplitude, elevation and handsomeness; sublimity, and transcendence…’