Maya Rose Edward

WAIT is a photographic print of a temporary installation completed in March 2020. I installed a functioning pedestrian wait button on the peak of Lang Craigs woodland trust.


The work explores the illusion of control, with the vast majority of pedestrian buttons in the UK being placebos, granting an ‘average’ waiting period. A figure that doesn’t correlate with the location of traffic within the space itself but grants each of us the superficial agency to control social happenings. The relocation of this interactive object to the vast


Scottish landscape queries mass instruction, usability and the sublime present in the everyday. In my work I walk the line between every day and aesthetic encounters which appear to initially oppose each other. I believe confusion and a sense of strangeness are that which charges an aesthetic encounter. The properties of experienced things and experienced objects that when abstracted from our experienced world, break familiarity and give us something to stop, look and listen to.