Katya Granova

My approach to painting can be seen as speculative archaeology of the photographic image from the distant past or an alchemical effort to bring a dead image to life with my body and its dissecting gestures - just as surgery does. I use painting as a medium for physical interaction with the documentation of the past, so to say, I enlarge the image and paint over it, inserting my body presence into the image. This desire to intrude on the past with my own corporeal presence brings me to a bigger scale, where painting becomes the physical act or even a dancing interaction between myself and the photograph. The work included in this exhibition is based on a 1904 photograph from St Petersburg, where famous actress Vera Komissarjevskaya plays the role of Nora in Ibsen's "Dollhouse",  not on the stage, but for a camera to create some play promo materials, not it the actual theatre, which I found very intriguing.