Naomi Garriock

This painting is one of an ongoing series that depicts imaginary art classrooms, inhabited by figures who are fully immersed in the act of making their own art. These mixed groups of adults and children are shown working together in parity, independent of one and other, safe within their own sphere of focus and concentration.


The re-staging of artist friends and acquaintances alongside; former students; promotional studio images of famous artists working; and demonstration photos from old art pedagogy books; opens a space for wider interpretation beyond the first visual impression.


Naomi Garriock’s primary interest is in the imagery of art instruction as found in historical How to Books, and in why watching others in the act of making remains as compelling and popular as ever, via YouTube tutorials and TV shows.

Each painting is made by Naomi attempting to follow a specific set of instructions from one of these sources. This self-conscious following of others casts her as life-long learner, which in turn allows Naomi to join-in and paint together with these people she is painting, painting.