Exhibition Credits

  • Exhibition Credits

    Exhibition Credits

    Exhibition produced by Colin R. Greenslade, Amy Cameron, Emily Randall and Flora La Thangue.


    Administration: Matt Hill, Bet McLeod, Gail Gray, Tom Hutton, Samuel Watterworth, Nick Wong, Emma Verner, Laura Baliman, Jane Lawrence, Sean Christie, Amy Trantum.

    Collections Team: Sandy Wood, Thom Laycock, Robin Rodger, Lucinda Middleton, Amy Trantum.

    Exhibition Staff: Rachael Bibby, Derek Sutherland, Ola Rek, Geri Loup Nolan, Martin McKenna, Jacqueline Anderson, David Behrens, Jennifer Brown, Sandra Collins, Jessica Kirkpatrick, Iona Glen, Siân Landau, Rory Lawrence, Joel Perez Negrin, Rosalind Main, Erin Mantle, Jenny Mason, Zuzanna Salamon, Emma Semple, Tilda Watson.

  • The Royal Scottish Academy would like to thank the Hanging Committee: Stuart Mackenzie RSA (Convenor), Paul Stallan (Deputy Convenor), Philip...

    The Royal Scottish Academy would like to thank the Hanging Committee: Stuart Mackenzie RSA (Convenor), Paul Stallan (Deputy Convenor), Philip Braham RSA, Henry Kondracki RSA, Elspeth Lamb RSA, Henry McKeown RSA, Leena Nammari RSA, Michael Vissochi RSA.


    We would also like to extend thanks to all the exhibiting architects and artists; the RSA exhibition staff and Neil McIntosh and his team for their work in presenting the show; the National Galleries of Scotland, including Amy Patterson and Colin Blakebell; Servest; Kevin Richardson of J. Thomson Colour Printers; photographers Sally Jubb and Julie Howden; filmmaker Mario Cruzado; the publication advertisers; the RSA Friends and Patrons for their continued support of RSA activities; and Norman McBeath RSA for the use of his image to publicise the exhibition.


    Special thanks also to our external award givers: An Talla Solais, Lyon and Turnbull, Edinburgh Art Shop, Edinburgh Printmakers, The Highland Society of London, The Scottish Artists' Benevolent Association, The Scottish Arts Club, The Scottish Gallery, WASPS, Tatha Gallery and the Estate of W. Gordon Smith and Jay Gordonsmith.


    All texts © the authors: Stuart Mackenzie RSA, Paul Stallan RSA and Edward Summerton RSA.
    Photography by the artists unless otherwise stated. All images © the artists.

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