Stuart Duffin RSA

Born in 1959, Stuart Duffin RSA studied Fine Art Printmaking at Gray’s School of Art, Aberdeen (1978 - 1982) and has had a long-standing involvement with Glasgow Print Studio and is currently the Studio Etching Master, working in etching, mezzotint, digital printmaking and oil painting.


In 1996 Duffin was invited to work at the Jerusalem Print Workshop for a month as part of an international artists exchange with Glasgow Print Studio. Speaking abou this time in the city, Duffin has said: 'Although Jerusalem is the closest that we can get to heaven of our own accord, nowhere more than in the Holy City did I experience the loss of paradise, or our separation from the Divine in a more painfully obvious way. There are two key words that govern my attitudes to, and actions within the Middle East whether at home in Scotland or working in Jerusalem. Two words, "compassion" and  "coexistence".'