Linda Sheridan

All Weather Pitch is from a series that reflected my life in Autumn 2020. I felt relatively safe going out in the evenings, when I could control interactions with others.

I became intrigued by the quality of artificial lighting in twilight and this added a new dimension to my preoccupation with the synthetic, slightly uncanny landscape of urban edges. The scene observed, the viewer sensed but unseen. Vestiges of nature against the evening sky.

The painting was prompted by occasionally chauffeuring a young friend to Bonnyrigg for football training, her great passion. Watching the players and coaches in this floodlit oasis of artificial grass and PVC coated mesh fencing, I imagined a higher viewpoint facing the Pentlands to emphasise the isolation of the pitch within the broader twilit landscape. 

It is an oil painting based on physical and electronic sketches drawn as I waited in my car, supported by additional sketches from memory and reference photos.