Joanna Stawnicka

Winner of the RSA Keith Prize. 


"I am a visual artist living in Glasgow and currently studying Fine Art Photography at The Glasgow School of Art. In my practice, I use a camera as a tool for merging the observable and imaginary worlds. Through the creative process, I intend to reveal the narratives of dreams, mental states, and individual and collective memories.

My recent work is focused on the motif of an outsider. It is a visual exploration of awkwardness connected to the idea of fitting into or misfitting a role, norm, or situation. What happens when we don’t fit in? Do we adjust ourselves until we lose the sense of who we are? Do we follow an escapist scenario? Or do we float in-between internal and external expectations? Finally, is this a lonely journey of a mysterious hero/ine, or is loneliness an unwanted destination that keeps us on that journey?"