Gabriele Stuckemeier

Winner of The Highland Society of London Award. 


"300 tree stumps overlooking the prehistoric rockart site at Ormaig, near Kilmartin in the southern Highlands of Scotland have been coated with lime wash in a creative response to the over 4000 years old cup and ring markings. Ormaig Landart Project is a gigantic circle in the Mid Argyll landscape, measuring 150 by 150 metres.

The installation appears in a subtle pink, but will look almost white when the sun is shining. Only purely mineral materials like hydrated lime wash and iron oxide pigments have been used to create the artwork. Over time, Ormaig Landart Project will fade back into the landscape. It is a brief greeting through time.

The project site can only be visited on foot and is an hour‘ s walk away from Carnasserie Castle car park near Kilmartin.
Ormaig Landart Project is being supported by Kilmartin Museum and Forestry and Land Scotland as owner of the land and has received Open Project Funding from Creative Scotland and the National Lottery Funding."

An interview with Creative Scotland can be viewed by following the link below:

Photography and film Aaron Watson. Soundtrack John Was. Aerial footage Drone Scotland, copyright Gabriele Stuckemeier.