John Sumpter

I take photographs as a hobby and I almost always use film. I like its imperfections and idiosyncrasies. Every type of film has its own characteristics. The film used for Vest has very high contrast (extreme blacks and whites). This gives the image a surreal quality.

I love the ‘tongue in cheek’ democracy of modern art. I use Martin Creed as a role model. This is a photograph of a vest I wore for years. My wife would often observe that it was close to disintegration. I didn’t care, it was under my shirt, why worry? Eventually, she took matters into her own hands, and bought two new vests of an identical design. I had to admit that they were an improvement. But I resolved to extract some last dregs of utility from the old vest. I hung it in a dark corner of the garden and took this photograph. I now use it to clean oil off my bike chain.