Liz Gascoigne

Many of my paintings are concerned with the way in which extended periods spent with remote communities in Africa and the Middle East informs my everyday aesthetic and continues to engage me subliminally.

Motifs, patina, glimpses, patterns and shapes relate to my immersion for a decade in the enticingly decorative women’s world of a highly traditional society where I was very much the outsider at a formative time in my life. Subsequently I have lived for 30 years in rural


UK with a career requiring regular global travel, but there is a part of me which has always remained apart and drawn to living in small isolated places.

I do not set out with any clear intention for a painting, I work intuitively, I start by putting down layers of mixed media, primarily paint and collage, until I reach the point where some passages of the painting start to emerge and need nurturing and then I embark upon curating an assemblage of passages or fragments. In this case the fragments were most definitely Arabian.