Basak Cansu Guvenkaya

As a young artist I followed my curiosity and I started travelling. As I grew up and experienced more, I started feeling fear and anxiety about my future. When I realised that there was no perfect place, I decided to create a dream world myself.


I try to design a world where fears and worries do not exist. You can think of this place as a sheltered playground. “Swing Heads Reflex” is a binary interactive moving sculpture combination. When the sculptures move, they come to life.


My sculptures and paintings suggest a playful and colourful way to banish negativity and regain happiness. My works are like a charm; they present the idea of guardianship, the original intent of sculpture and painting in many cultures.

My artworks act to protect against evils of the world, creating a space where peril and fear do not exist; it is an imaginary world of its own.