Karen Maxted

I am interested in mark marking - accidental or purposeful, my marks or the marks of others. I find these in various places - scribbles on notes, doodles, in pre-existing artwork. I collect marks that appeal to me, usually because I see objects in them (that are never intended). The marks are collated to create works which can range from the very abstract to the surreal.

There is a suggestion of an incomprehensible narrative, mis en scene and other worldliness. I play with the human desire to find recognisable forms in a painting.


My current work is loosely based upon the theme of the garden and considers how gardens are zoned and their focal points. This specific painting is based on a garden called Kinkakuji in Kyoto, Japan. The name of the painting, Auglcau, is a configuration of found letters, and has no actual meaning in language terms, but adds to the incomprehensible narrative.