Geri Loup Nolan

China MoonsI made this work during a two month residency in China at a charcoal making centre.  
Longtoumo Village in rural Zhanjiang, is surrounded by tropical plantations, shellfish farming, sugar cane and banana fields. Halfway through was the highly eventful Mid-Autum Festival/ Moon Festival celebrating harvest abundance. The moon there having a particularly low, full and firey character to it. These works were made in free-form release after a fairly controlled calligraphy workshop.

From left to right the works represent Festival Moon, Rain Moon, Fire Moon, Dark Moon. 


PhoenixI am drawn to poetic characteristics inherent in place, experience and memory, working sometimes with found objects. The transition into art object can intensify and expand all narratives. This piece came easily and has been lightly altered after a memorable walk and beach fire.