Kyle Noble

Winner of an RSA Latimer Award.


In the painting

Distant blue vibrating hanging mountain pass, the Larig Ghru. Melting purple heather mountains. Oscillating sine vibrations of abyssal black and ochre varnish duality. Shimmering gold pigment. Mist splodges float. Roaming wandering sanguine line work of distant native wild wooded knoll. A hooded figure sits and contemplates the hypnotic unitive enwooded eternal moment. An exploration of Eastern aesthetics found in the wild woods of the Highlands. Golden adder diamond patterns rotate. A scribbled full moon hangs. Japonisme psychedelia. Wilderness wood aesthetics.

Behind the painting

There is a celebration of the highland location I have been lucky to live in after a ‘tick the box’ Art Teacher probation year. This was the first studio based return to mixed media piece after 4 months in China, a year of teacher training and a relocation to the highlands, so a sense of returning to and celebrating my studio practice. This theme of return is also found in the aesthetics of the painting, I revisited an old Chinese landscape inspired piece in the hanging landmass/ tree silhouette on the right and also older pieces where I interrogated the Chinese ‘blue green’ landscape aesthetics before the ‘malachite phase’.